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Do you like working with computers? Would you enjoy using technology to solve problems? Do you want to have the skills to develop the newest app or video game? Consider studying Computer Science at University of Detroit Mercy. A Computer Science degree opens up a variety of doors in the world of technology.




Great Things At Detroit Mercy

  • Detroit Mercy’s Computer Science program helps students develop a knowledge of quality software programming, design, development and implementation, while allowing the flexibility to explore areas of interest such as hardware, software, web development, gaming, bioinformatics, security or robotics, to name a few.
  • The five-year Bachelor/Master’s Program lets qualified students save a year of time (and tuition!) in getting that highly sought after degree.
  • All courses are taught by faculty members — not teaching assistants or graduate students.
  • Small class sizes — our average student-to-teacher ratio is 11:1; that means plenty of individualized attention aimed at making sure our students succeed.
  • In the tradition of our Jesuit and Mercy sponsors, Detroit Mercy offers a well-rounded education. We don’t just teach computer science; we create community leaders.

Your Boundless Future

The Computer Science program prepares students for a variety of career options in academic, corporate and government areas. The demand for computer science graduates continues to rise and there is competitive pay for even entry level positions.

Graduates go on to enjoy careers as software applications developer, computer systems analyst, game developer, computer systems engineer, network systems administrator, database administrator, business analyst, web developer, computer programmer, software developer and software quality assurance tester.

View the Bureau of Labor Statistics information for this profession.


Contact Info

Shadi BaniTaan
Director & Associate Professor Computer Science

Featured Alumna

Michelle DeBack '10

“There is not a doubt in my mind that my experience in the Computer Science program at University of Detroit Mercy is why my career is where it is today. The program not only helped develop my knowledge and skills, but also as a professional. The professors truly want to see every student succeed and because of the smaller class sizes they are able to fulfill this. I’m very proud to have been part of this program and the long-lasting relationships I created while there.”

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