Detroit Mercy philosophy professors stand with a student.

Let's face it: You're probably thinking, "What am I going to do with a philosophy degree?" But if you major -- or minor -- in philosophy at University of Detroit Mercy, the answer is, "Anything you want!" Thanks to the critical thinking skills you'll gain in the program, along with the self confidence that comes with knowing and understanding yourself, you'll be ready for a great number of careers.




Great Things At Detroit Mercy

  • Philosophy is an excellent second major that complements any student's primary area of study, offering extremely practical and in-demand skills that will serve you well in any career.
  • Detroit Mercy’s Ethics Bowl allows student teams to address ethical problems on a variety of topics, including classroom, personal relationships and professional ethics, or social and political ethics.
  • The Agora Society is Detroit Mercy’s undergraduate philosophy club. Its members meet regularly to discuss various philosophical issues and to plan other on-campus events. It’s a great way to meet new people while gaining a deeper understanding of the things you’ve talked about in class.
  • All courses are taught by faculty members — not teaching assistants or graduate students.
  • Small class sizes mean plenty of individualized attention aimed at making sure our students succeed.
  • In the tradition of our Jesuit and Mercy sponsors, Detroit Mercy offers a great, well-rounded education. Philosophy majors excel at being critical thinkers and well-informed individuals who question the status quo and see new ways to create positive change.

Your Boundless Future

The Bachelor of Arts with a major in Philosophy provides excellent preparation for law school or other graduate programs, as well as a solid foundation for a career in business, teaching, writing or public service.

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Contact Info

Juan Carlos Flores, Ph.D.
Department Chair, Philosophy

Featured Alumnus

George Latimer-Knight, Pastor and Author

George Latimer-Knight '03
Pastor & Author

“Studying philosophy at Detroit Mercy taught me to think more deeply. While some see critical thinking as a ‘soft skill,’ I see it as an essential key to success. As an entrepreneur, I'm able to develop effective strategies that have proved lucrative. As a pastor, my philosophical training helps me resist the temptation to hide behind dogma and to actually keep my ministry relevant. As an author, philosophy honed my writing skills. As a current law school student, my philosophy foundation has kept me at a high class rank.”

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