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Are you interested in a medical career with loads of benefits and a great salary? Or maybe you’re already in the medical field, but you’re looking to take that next step. Either way, becoming a physician assistant might be right for you. Physician assistants fill a vital role in the healthcare field, working with doctors to care for patients at a high level — they even write prescriptions — but unlike doctors, they jump right into practice from school. Sound good? Learn more about whether the Physician Assistant program at University of Detroit Mercy is right for you.

Great Things At Detroit Mercy

  • Detroit Mercy’s PA program was one of the first of its kind in the state, and is nationally recognized for its academic excellence.
  • The Five-Year Bachelor/Master’s Program lets qualified students save a year of time (and tuition!) in getting that highly sought after degree.
  • Detroit Mercy PA graduates’ National Certification Examination pass rates exceed the national average.
  • Small class sizes — our average student-to-teacher ratio is 11:1; that means plenty of individualized attention aimed at making sure our students succeed.
  • In the tradition of our Jesuit and Mercy sponsors, Detroit Mercy offers a well-rounded education. We don’t just teach physician assistant studies; we create community leaders.

Your Boundless Future

With a projected physician shortage by 2020, Physician Assistants will play a critical role in meeting the primary care needs of an aging population in the United States. Physician Assistant is one of today's fastest growing health care professions, with a salary reflective of the demand.

View the Bureau of Labor Statistics information for this profession.


Contact Info

Amy Dereczyk
Associate Professor of Physician Assistant

Featured Alumnus

Mark Moot '01

“I’m proud to be an alumnus of University of Detroit Mercy. I chose the program because at the time I considered it the best in the state and it still has a very strong reputation.”

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