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Businesses are striving to improve efficiency by increasing productivity, enhancing products and services, while reducing costs. Six Sigma has emerged as a leading initiative that enables managers to achieve these goals. University of Detroit Mercy’s Six Sigma concentration can help you produce extraordinary results for your organization.



Great Things At Detroit Mercy

  • Detroit Mercy offers a sequence of three courses for a Six Sigma concentration in partnership with the International Quality Federation (IQF).
  • Students can elect to take one or more of the Six Sigma courses, which can be applied to a graduate program at Detroit Mercy.
  • Key positions within a Six Sigma deployment are Black Belt project leaders. These change agents serve as problem-solving team leaders.
  • Our small class sizes provide individualized attention and plenty of opportunity to advance your skills.

Your Boundless Future

Six Sigma has been widely deployed in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, medical, banking, insurance, pharmaceutical, automotive, aerospace and manufacturing operations as well as service, business and transactional processes.

The Six Sigma methodology combines effective problem-solving techniques, modern quality thinking, process flow analysis and data analysis to help companies solve complex problems.


Contact Info

Darrell Kleinke
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Featured alumnus

Clifford Austin III '02

“You'll hear many engineers say that everything that they learned at college means nothing when they get out in the field. However, at the company I work for, I use what I learned at Detroit Mercy every single day.” 

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