A collection of words related to women and gender studies such as "justice" and "diversity"

The Women's and Gender Studies program is designed to ignite your curiosity and passion. You can DISCOVER how gender and sexuality shape your world, ENGAGE in innovative academics, arts and activism, and TRANSFORM your life and your community.



Great Things At Detroit Mercy

  • The Women’s and Gender Studies minor is highly flexible and complements a variety of majors.
  • WGS students can take courses in business, communication, criminal justice, English, history, nursing, philosophy, political science, psychology and religious studies.
  • Outside of the classroom, WGS minors meet with national experts and artists doing cutting-edge work on diversity-related issues. Students write and receive grants for their own academic and creative projects.
  • Through real-world projects and faculty mentoring our students find their voices and develop as leaders for social change.
  • All courses are taught by faculty members – not teaching assistants or graduate students.
  • Small class sizes mean plenty of individualized attention aimed at making sure our students succeed.
  • In the tradition of our Jesuit and Mercy sponsors, Detroit Mercy offers a well-rounded education. Graduates of this program have the diversity training and critical thinking skills that are in high demand in many professions.

Your Boundless Future

A Women’s and Gender Studies minor sets you apart from other job candidates and graduate school applicants. WGS graduates leave the program with deep understandings of themselves and their relationships, expanded worldviews, an appreciation for human diversity and the ability to act as agents for social justice.

Contact Info

Rosemary Weatherston, Ph.D.
Director, Women's and Gender Studies Program

Featured Alumna

Alice Riley received a women's and gender studies minor from Detroit Mercy.

Alice Riley ’10

U.S. Recruiting Communications Coordinator
Ford Motor Company

"Being open to diverse voices is probably the most valuable lesson I learned from minoring in WGS. Understanding that different voices have different needs and motivations has been really helpful in my career as a communicator and being able to deliver a clear message."

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